Nelson 2005 Trafalgar Woods Poster (PDF)
The Woodland Trust's excellent schools resource, showing the Victory, and the various woodland trees used in it's manufacture, with attendant fact sheets for both Primary and Lower Secondary levels.
Nelson 2005 Nelson 2005 Events (PDF)
A detailed list of the London Borough of Merton's Nelson 2005 events
Merton Place A description of Merton Place
A description of Merton Place, by Peter Warwick of the 1805 Club their website (Text | Footnotes)
Ménage à Trois in Merton A Ménage à Trois in Merton
Our 2005 temporary exhibition celebrating the bicentenay of Trafalgar, with notes on the brief but important period when Nelson set up home in Merton, in the only home he ever owned and lived in, with Lord and Lady Hamilton, in the words of themselves and their contemporaries. (Footnotes Primary | Footnotes Additional)
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LB Merton Nelson Brochure confirming its Nelson 2005 program

LB Merton Press Release announcing its Nelson 2005 program