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About the Wandle Trail:
Introduction to this reproduction of the original trail map and Illustrated Guide to a heritage Walk down the river Wandle.

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Wandsworth to Plough Lane:
This section runs from the mouth of the river and its confluence with the Thames. It passes the famous Young brewery, and the new shopping centre, through King Georges Park to Plough lane
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Plough Lane to Mill Green:
The river flows through the green areas of Wandle park, Morden Hall Park, Ravensbury Park and Watermeads, passing alongside the Merton Abbey Mills complex which provides shopping, restaurant and toilet facilities. This section passes the proposed new site of the Wandle Industrial Museum at one end of Ravensbury Park.At the other, a short detour north up London Road takes you to our current Museum by the Cricket Green in Mitcham.
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Mill Green to Mill Lane:
This shorter section follows the river faithfully, ending at the Wilderness Island site overseen by London Wildlife Trust.
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Mill Lane to Carshalton:
This section follows the Carshalton branch to one of the two sources of the Wandle. A visit to the Honeywood Heritage Cente adds context to the whole story.
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Carshalton to Waddon Ponds, Croydon:
The Wandle once flowed through the centre of Croydon but now only emerges above ground at Waddon Ponds. Much of this section passes through picturesque Beddington Park
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