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The Surrey Iron Railways Updates

WE have now finished the upload of Peter McGow's detailed history of the Surrey Iron Railway and Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Iron Railway. The index and all Chapters are now up - go to

Peter McGow's Surrey Iron Railway and Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Iron Railway

The Surrey Iron Railway is known as the first public railway in the world, opening in 1803, and running from Croydon to Wandsworth. It was horse drawn, and ran on plates rather than rails, but was open to anyone who paid the fare. However James Watt's patent had run out in 1800, and Trevithick had trialled his steam locomotive in 1804, so it had no long term future, and ceased operating in 1846. This page has been created because SIR pages are heavily searched on our website, and we hope this collective page will assist searchers.

[News Letter issue 23] The Surrey Iron RailWay:
A precis of the origin and importance of the SIR from our archivist.

[News Letter issue 32] The Surrey Iron RailWay:
The Surrey Iron Railway celebrates the bicentenary of its foundation on 21st May 2001.

[News Letter issue 34] The Surrey Iron Railway after 1846:
Although the Company closed in 1846, this article demonstrates its continued existence for another 20 years.

[News Letter issue 36] The Surrey Iron Railway's continuing legacy?:
The US standard railroad gauge is 4ft 8 in - an exceedingly odd number. Why was it used?

[News Letter issue 39] Feedback 1:
A follow up on the item in Issue 38, the article reference "The Surrey Iron Railway's continuing legacy?". See also related artical in this issue Surrey Iron Railway on TV .

[News Letter issue 40] Surrey iron railway - Update:
Peter McGow's work on the SIR is deposited.

[News Letter issue 41] The earliest railway?:
The 200th anniversary of the Surrey Iron Railway and feedback generated from issue 39.

[News Letter issue 42] The earliest railway?:
Stephen Ashcroft comments on an interesting find on Thasos. See also related artical in this issue The surrey iron railway after 1846

[News Letter issue 43] Surrey iron railway update:
July saw the fruition of two endeavours to celebrate the bicentenary of the opening of the Surrey Iron Railway on July 26. See also related artical in this issue Wandle trail update.

[News Letter issue 44] Case closed? Re: origins of us standard railroad gauge:
Re: origins of us standard railroad gauge - the longer article by professor Solomons showing the link between ancient track widths and the modern Railway Track guage. See also related artical in this issue Surrey iron railway update and Railways.

[News Letter issue 45] Last chance to see: grove mill, mitcham:
Grove Mill, Mitcham is being given the Ravensbury treatment. It was said to be the site of a repair yard for the SIR.

[News Letter issue 46] Stone Cottage Debate:
Was Stone Cottage a toll booth on the Surrey Iron Railway, or merely a gate house? Were tolls collected in stages as on the roads, or merely at the termini. A heated debate between supporters of each theory.

[News Letter issue 50] Surrey Iron Railway Update:
The Auction of an original Surrey Iron Railway share certificate in March, and a generous gesture by its new owner.