Wandle industrial museum on air

The Wandle Industrial Museum was invited to take part in a radio slot from 2.40 pm on Saturday 8th January 2000. This was short notice, but Ray Leyden took up the challenge for us.

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Local DJ, Belinda Sinclair, interviewed Ray as representative of the Museum and the format developed as a wholesome diet of museum history and music. Belinda had a set of carefully typed questions, ranging from "Where is the Museum?" to how it started, with local heritage peppered through the session, and a grand finale on the Wandle Industrial Museum's future at the new Ravensbury Mill home to be.

Ray reports that he found this a very exciting if nerve-wracking experience, with Belinda performing a complicated mix of ‘talking' to the listeners, and cueing him in with questions and stories, not forgetting the advertisements which paid for it all.

Although Solo.net came off the air on 22nd January, it proved there is a demand for local radio and we are happy to announce they will be back on the air in May.

In the meantime, they can be contacted by e-mail radiosolo@hotmail.com or you can visit their web site http://www.solo.org.uk. with current programming and even leave a message on their message board.


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