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We have now obtained use of the URL www.wandle.org. Please update your bookmark and/or references appropriately and your e-mail settings to curator@wandle.org, or nhart@wandle.org; Click the Bookmark link to add the new URL to your favourites list (IE 4+ only).

The site itself is still hosted at the freeserve address, but you can also access it through the new www.wandle.org address.

By the time you get this, it should be on the site as well, and as always, I would welcome comments on content and access.

We are adding useful links all the time, and may I recommend you to our Travel page. This is primarily there to help access to the Museum, but contains links to all the major travel web sites relevant to this area, bus, train, tube and tram.

Our plans for the Surrey Iron Railway bicentenary are progressing. An action group is putting together an exhibition of material for the May Fayre, and factsheets and notelets are also proposed. This will lead to a larger exhibition at the Museum, and, longer term, a publication for sale in 2003 to celebrate the bicentenary of the opening of the railway itself. All these materials will be published on the site as we go along.

Nicholas Hart

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