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  1. Newsdesk:
    For the second year running we had three classes from Ricards Lodge High School.

  2. Dates for your diary:
    Here you will find our upcoming calendar of events

  3. One track minds:
    The US standard railroad gauge is 4ft 8 in - an exceedingly odd number. Why was it used?

  4. Merton Abbey Mills update:
    A visit to the site of the excavations at Merton Abbey on a rainy Sunday afternoon at the end of September illustrates the problems the planning.

  1. Bill Rudd at Liberty Print Works during WWII:
    One of our most esteemed local historians, Bill Rudd was first approached in 1985 by our archivist.

  2. Whitely Archives:
    Notes prepared by Marguerite Lee-Delisle, following a visit in Summer 1995l

  3. Glimpse of the past:
    Extracts from POULTRY, March 24, 1934

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