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  1. Newsdesk:
    For the second year running we had three classes from Ricards Lodge High School.

  2. Dates for your diary:
    Here you will find our upcoming calendar of events

  3. Merton Abbey Mills update:
    Twelve years after their last dig archaeologists have again been busy on the banks of the Wandle at Merton Abbey Mills.

  4. More news bout William De Morgan:
    London is to get a new gallery and study centre based on the work of William De Morgan

  5. Thomas Welch's Table-cloth Printing:
    A recent contribution to the Wandle Industrial Museum's library is a copy of an anonymous article in The Illustrated Exhibitor and Magazine of Art Vol. II No.30 dated July 1852.

  1. The Edge Runners in Ravensbury Park:
    The story behind the Edge Runners that are set up in Ravensbury Park and how they arrived at the present location.

  2. Glimpse of the past:
    Extract from an interview with Malcolm Pummnell, foreman at Chuter's Chamois Leather Mill.

  3. Human Hamster Runs for His Life:
    Extracted from an unknown Scottish Newspaper By Robin Young.

  4. Ravensbury Mill update:
    The consultants, Acanthus Wrightson, are close to finalising the preliminary bid for the funding that would enable the full scale development bid to be launched.

  5. Electronic News:
    We are beginning to get a trickle of enquiries which are wholly web site originated.

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