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  1. Newsdesk:
    Visits to the Museum, Events, Investing in Volunteers, Dates for your diary and the Jubilee Baton.

  2. Feedback 1 - Hopper Heads and Railway Gauges:
    A follow up on two items in previous newsletters, In issue 31, the article about Fry's Metals and Tandem works and in Issue 38 the article reference "The Surrey Iron Railway's continuing legacy?".

  3. Feedback 2 - Jessop's views on a Canal along the Wandle:
    A follow up to the article in the Issue 38 of the Newsletter "Jessop's report on the possibilities of a canal for the Wandle Valley".

  4. Surrey Iron Railway on TV:
    By Eric Shaw.

  5. >Salt of the Earth:
    Stephen Ashcroft's report on a visit to the saltmines of Bavaria.

  1. A Small World:
    Silk and Coincidence over half a century
    by Eric Shaw.

  2. Lottery Bid:
    This drags on. In the meantime we owe a debt of gratitude to the enthusiasm of our architect, David Wrightson.

  3. George Parker Bidder:
    A reprint of an article in our 1995 issue about this remarkable man. by Judith Goodman

  4. The British Lawnmower Museum:
    A write up of an interesting independent Museum, from AIM

  5. Electronic News:
    Comment and new sites to bookmark.

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