Surrey Iron Railway Update - 1 - General

July 26th this year represents the 200th anniversary of the opening of the Surrey Iron Railway. We are hoping to arrange new display for that date, to celebrate the event, a new exhibition at the Museum, and our own 20th Anniversary.

Full details in the May Newsletter.

Surrey Iron Railway Update - 2 - SIR on TV

As you will know if you read issue 39, Member/Volunteer Eric Shaw was contacted to contribute to a short piece on the Surrey Iron Railway to be screened by the Discovery Channel. Despite our best efforts to try and find out when this was to be screened, it suddenly appeared earlier this month in the ‘Trainspotting' series, on the Thursdays, Discovery Home and Leisure.

Luckily, Eric found out just in time to get it taped, and has kindly donated one copy to the Museum.

This was a nice item, not because of its detail, but that Eric was named, as was the Museum, and the interior views of the Museum came out very well.

Well done Eric.

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