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  1. Newsdesk:
    Visits to the Museum, Events, Investing in Volunteers, Dates for your diary.

  2. Merton abbey mills update

  3. Paul Bowness memorial garden:
    A memorial garden celebrating the life and contributions of the late Paul Bowness in Merton has now been opened at Merton Abbey Mills.

  4. Surrey Iron Railway update:

  5. The Surrey Iron Railway after 1846:
    Geoff Smith refutes the suggestion raised by Roger Hardman.

  1. The Earliest Railway?:
    Stephen Ashcroft comments on an interesting find on Thasos.

  2. The Great Smog of 1952:
    Bill Rudd remembers.

  3. Museum's 20th birthday update:
    A reprint of 1983 articles setting out the original vision for our Museum

  4. Ravensbury mill update:

  5. Electronic News:
    Comment and new sites to bookmark.

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