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  1. Newsdesk:
    Visits to the Museum, Events, Investing in Volunteers, Dates for your diary.

  2. Surrey iron railway update:
    First Public Railway?:
    Does the Loughborough and Nunpanton line beat the Surrey iron Railway to this title?

    Case closed:
    Re: origins of us standard railroad gauge - the longer article by professor Solomons showing the link between ancient track widths and the modern Railway Track guage

  3. Railways:
    Extracted from Encycopaedia Britannica 1911 - a more detailed analysis of the transition from rutways to railways.

  4. Merton abbey mills update:
    The editor comments on the latest developments from the site.

  1. The Spring Dig - Merton Summary:
    Dave Saxby reports on the archaeological dig at Merton Priory, Spring 2003.

  2. Wandle trail update:
    The new Wandle Trail map generated by Groundwork Merton was launched last month.

    Wandle trail update:
    As many of you will know, we have been due to update our well known map of the Wandle Trail.

    Wandle trail update:
    A reprint of 1983 articles setting out the original vision for our Museum.

  3. Electronic News:
    Site usage stats and new sites to bookmark.

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