Wandle trail update

Editors Note:

Reprint of letter from Ray Leyden to London Borough of Merton, from 1991, showing that nothing is new!

30th October 1991

Dear Gillian

Further to our discussion at the Heritage Action concerning the Wandle Trail, we comment as follows:

(1) We understand that there are proposals for waymarking/sign posting the Wandle Trail using a water wheel logo. Whilst we agree this is naturally a suitable logo to adopt, we also propose an alternative logo of a horse and wagon to honour the Surrey Iron Railway which was built to serve the busy industries of the Wandle. The sign posting would present a perfect opportunity to promote this fascinating part of the famous Wandle story and the railway was horse drawn and also the first public railway in the country. This would certainly add a new dimension to the Wandle Trail.

(2) Also, the Wandle past of the Surrey Iron Railway could be significantly enhanced by erecting a "Surrey Iron Railway sculpture". Refer attached sketch of to-day's date. We understand this project would be of interest to the new Arts Officer and would complement the sign posting if a Surrey Iron Railway logo was adopted.

(3) Also, we feel there is a lot of value in retaining the present identity of the Wandle Trail, as it is now known. Its simplicity is its attraction. We recommend that when final agreement is reached by Merton, it should be co-ordinated and fully adopted by the other Wandle Boroughs.

I trust these comments are helpful.


Ray Leyden

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