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Wandle Trail launch by the Deputy Mayor

Wandle Trail launch by the Deputy Mayor [Full image 25.7kb]

The new Wandle Trail map generated by Groundwork Merton was launched last month, with a fanfare of publicity, associated with its various public art projects. It has been much praised, and rightly, for the work that has been done.

We were pleased to see that, as published, the new map complements our own, but now face the task of selling our own map, a crucial part of our cashflow, in apparent competition to the new one, which is either given away free, or sold for nominal amounts.

The current answer, in fact, as you will see if you visit our shop, is that we sell the two as a package; we provide the new one free to purchasers of our own map.

We had expressed concerns about the risks of mixed cycle and pedestrian use of the Trail, partly solved by Groundwork's clear marking of the alternate cycle routes where that is legally or practically necessary.

Equally, the express function of the Trail, from the community's point of view, is as a way of encouraging use and enjoyment of our environment. Sustrans support for the Trail is as an alternative to road use in travelling from A to B. The one use a leisurely stroll, the other more direct and forceful. We hope that the two uses can live in harmony, and safety.

Anything which encourages the use of the Trail is good, in principle, and we must now wait and see. In effect the problems will arise from success!

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