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  1. Newsdesk:
    Visits to the Museum, Events, Investing in Volunteers, Dates for your diary.

  2. Merton abbey mills update:
    The editor comments on the latest developments from the site.

  3. The Mealemen of Wandsworth:
    In the last issue, we promised some more information about Wandsworth. Thanks to our archivist, Marguerite, we can fill out some of the history.

  4. Last chance to see: grove mill, mitcham:
    Grove Mill, Mitcham is being given the Ravensbury treatment. All but the central building is being cleared for housing.

  1. White Cottage, Morden Road:
    Monty's article about White Cottage.

  2. Working with the HUB:
    A report by Meg Thomas, on a series of workshops run by the four museums form the London Hub.

  3. Wandle Valley Festival:
    News about the new Wandle Valley Festival due to be held in June this year.

  4. Mitcham lavender sculpture:
    The artist Guy Portelli, has been commissioned to create a sculpture to commemorate the world famous lavender fields of Mitcham.

  5. Electronic News:
    Site usage stats and new sites to bookmark.

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