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  1. Newsdesk:
    Visits to the Museum, Events, Investing in Volunteers, Dates for your diary.

  2. Merton Abbey Mills update:
    The editor comments on the latest developments from the site. The new footbridge opens, and another millstone on display.

  3. Wandle Valley Festival Update:
    News about the new Wandle Valley Festival due to be held on 12/13 June this year and our involvement.

  4. Museum Refurbishment Update:
    New about progress on the Museum refurbishment, and our grand opening on 12 June.

  1. Derek Jack Huxtable 1926 ~ 2004:
    An obituary for one of our long serving volunteers, who died recently

  2. Stone Cottage Debate:
    Was Stone Cottage a toll booth on the Surrey Iron Railway, or merely a gate house? Were tolls collected in stages as on the roads, or merely at the termini. A heated debate between supporters of each theory.

  3. Glimpses of the Past:
    Two interesting snippets from our archive.

  4. Electronic News:
    New sites to bookmark.

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