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We have a steady stream of enquiries by email, generated by our web pages, which is encouraging.

We have introduced some discussion forums to encourage further site visits, which you can access by clicking 'Feedback' on the main menu of the web site (or click the link in the electronic version of this page)

Interesting links:

A private site with pictures of a model railway layout called the Wandle Valley Railway, with some interesting historical notes: www3.sympatico.ca/lsw.lbsc/WVRWEB01.HTM
Notes on a Wandle walk, starting at Croydon: www.london-footprints.co.uk/wkwandlesroute.htm
The urban exploration site page on the underground Wandle through Croydon: http://www.urbex.org.uk/projects/index.shtml?wandle
The Wandle Valley Festival website. I particularly recommend the About the Wandle page - it uses a map of the Wandle, drawn from our own, to give a series of links to relevant sites up and down the Wandle: www.wandlevalleyfestival.org.uk/
Historic collections online: www.24hourmuseum.org.uk
The Sutton Environment guide: http://www.thecei.org.uk/

Nicholas Hart

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