Museum Refurbishment Update

Eric and Eric at work

Eric and Eric at work [Full image 22.5kb]

Meg at work

Meg at work [Full image 44.7kb]

The refurbishment is now gathering pace, with almost all the redecoration and re alignment work having been completed, thanks to the sterling efforts of the team. Eric Shaw, with Roger and Eric Trim has been responsible for most of the construction work, whilst Meg Thomas, with her daughter Jean, has been responsible for the redecoration.

Meg, as our new curatorial head, is pulling together the new exhibition, which is designed to put the industrial and social history of the Wandle into a more coherent framework.

We are all looking forward to its reopening on 12 June. In the meantime we have scheduled a ‘Private View' for 6th June, at 3.00 pm. All members and volunteers are welcome. It is likely there will be some finishing touches still to do in the final week, and the input of all those interested in these final details could make all the difference.

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