Wandle Valley Festival Update

The blue plaque

The blue plaque [Full image 59.0kb]

The first Wandle Valley Festival took place over the weekend of the 12/13 June. Many events took place up and down the Wandle over this period, with walks, cycle rides, clean ups and other activities.

Groundwork have started to mount their way markers along the trail, and also the blue plaques which celebrate the more intimate personal stories that the Wandle witnesses. The image here is of one at Dean City Farm and commemorate the time a young girl fell into the Wandle whilst playing on the bridge in 1997.

The William Morris Room

The William Morris Room [Full image 74.4kb]

The Museum used the opportunity of this weekend to stage its own reopening (see other article) on the Saturday, and was open to the the public on both days.

Our Wandle trail map was the source of the map used in all the Festival's publicity, and we were pleased to have this endorsement of its friendly graphical, rather then cartographical, approach.

The Children's dig

The Children's dig [Full image 39.1kb]

On the Sunday, Mary took her block printing demonstration to join the exhibition being laid on by Dave Saxby, of Molas, in the Chapter House under Merantun Way. This was a major project on which he and his team had been working for weeks in their spare time, and was properly rewarded by a good turn out, especially on the Sunday.

Seen here is a view of the Roman Shop, his William Morris Room (complete with fireplace supplied by us - but that's another story), the children's archaeological dig and Mary at work.

Plans are already afoot to lay on a the festival again next year, possibly moving it to the second weekend in July.

All ideas for improved, new or retained content - please let us know! Updates will be posted regularly to their website - http://www.wandlevalleyfestival.org.uk/

The Roman Shop

The Roman Shop [Full image 57.4kb]

Mary at work

Mary at work [Full image 62.9kb]

Mary at work

Mary at work [Full image 54.9kb]

Mary at work

Mary at work [Full image 53.5kb]

Ed. Aug 2004

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