Wandle Valley Festival Update 12 June 2005

The first meetings have now been held, and the events beginning to take shape. For example, with the 13 mile length of the Wandle lending itself to the distance, we are hoping to run a marathon or half marathon on the Saturday, as the opening event, leaving the Sunday free for the walkers and cyclists, as well as the individual events.

With the advantage of an earlier start, the organisation of responsibilities is well advanced, and, importantly for our chances of acquiring grant moneys to help the event attain its potential, we are putting a simplified constitution in place, hopefully to be approved at the next meeting on 23 November.

Any readers who are interested in running activities to coincide, or take an active part in the administration of the event, please contact us at the Museum, or the Festival organisers at admin@wandlevalleyfestival.org.uk

Meanwhile, updates will be posted regularly to their website

Ed. Aug 2004

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