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  1. Newsdesk:

    Visits to the Museum, Events, Simon Lace, Ann Daley, May fayre, Volunteers needed.

  2. Merton Abbey Mills Update May 2005:

    The editor comments on the latest developments from the site.

  3. HLF Update:

    New developments and a LB Merton Initiative

  4. McGow's Notes on the Wandle Mills:

    A wonderful surprise, and a valuable new resource.

  5. Little Holland house:

    Notes on our members visit and some interesting detail about Frank Dickinson.

  1. National Heritage Awards:

    A recognition of last year's achievement - we enter for the award for a Project on a Limited Budget

  2. Surrey Iron Railways Update:

    The Auction, and a generous gesture.

  3. Wandle Valley Festival and Nelson Bicentenary Update:

    Update on our plans for the 2005 exhibition, and the Wandle Valley Festival

  4. Electronic News:

    Latest activity charts. We have also updated our contacts pages.

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