National Heritage Awards

We were invited to put ourselves forward for one of a number of Heritage Awards for excellence. One of the categories was for a ‘Project on a Limited Budget'.

While it was clear that, in the national scheme of things, ‘limited' had a different meaning, we felt it was a good way to celebrate our achievement in bringing the museum back on line last year by entering.

Meg Thomas and I put together an application, which we submitted in March.

We didn't win, but got a nice letter back which made us feel better (and an invitation at £100 per head to attend the awards ceremony at the Café Royal!). Much more importantly, we have properly recorded what we achieved, a complete reworking of the museum displays in 6 weeks, to budget (£500), and to timetable, while memories were still fresh.

We all contributed, but Meg's achievement in pulling it together, and having the vision to recreate the displays, needed recognising and recording.

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