Nelson 2005

Horatio NelsonThe Merton leaflet showing the various Nelson related activities to take place over the next couple of months is now available. For those who don't have access to the printed version, please see the link in Electronic news, where we also provide other Nelson related links. Copies are available at Libraries, the Heritage Centre and Vestry Hall, as well as schools in the borough. Those who get the printed copy of this newsletter should get a free copy with it.

Nelson may have few industrial connections, but his importance in Merton warrants our continuing interest. For Merton it is the 13th of September, rather than the 21st October, which is most relevant. That is the day that Nelson left Merton for the last time, and the re-enactment being carried out on the 13th September this year will be one of the highlights of our celebrations.

Below are a couple of articles which add detail to the overall picture. One is from Meg Thomas, whose exhibition of the private side of Nelson is running at the Museum, the other from Webbo, who has got his teeth into the "Kiss Me, Hardy" debate.


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