A Glimpse of the Past

Another item from Marguerite's archive as follows:

In the 16th century there was a dispute between Francis Metcalf, vicar of Morden, and Richard Garth of Morden Hall Estate. It was about the tithes which should have been paid on copyhold land, but which Metcalf claimed was glebe land belonging to the church.

The following extracts are from the Hatfeild Estate Book.

...seizure of copyhold of Francis Metcalf, vicar of Mordon (outlaw) for non payment of rent. (c. 1581)

(by virtue of a direction from Walsingham, secretary of state)

Medcalf v. Garth in dispute over Morden tithes 1584
Verdict (at the Rolls)
Parsonage of Mordon alleged to glebe but proved to be copyhold.
Dismissal of complaint
Made by (1) against (2)
1. Francis Medcalf, clerk
2.Richard Garth esq. 24 Nov 1584

.. touchying the leud life and misdemeanours of Francis Metcalf Viker of Mordon syns the yere 1588 ....to give warning to Francis Metcalf, who has been suspended from his living, as vicar of Mordon.......to answer charges of disobedience and contempt, and to suffer deprivation. 12 June 1589

In the Court of Delegates 1590-1591 Draft copy suit by (Richard Garth), upon "The continual vexacon of a bad minister called Francis Metcalf", to request that a Commission of Appeal be denied Metcalf.

Recommittal of Francis Metcalf to the Fleet after being brought before the Master of the Rolls

By writ of habeas corpus.......June 1592

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