How to order

The on-line catalogue purchase system has the following steps:

  1. You transfer an item to your shopping basket by pressing ‘buy’ from the main catalogue, or any product details page. The item is then added to your basket, and you are returned to the main catalogue page.
  2. At any stage you may view the contents of your basket by pressing the ‘view basket’ button which appears at the top right and bottom centre of each relevant screen.
  3. When in the view basket screen, you vary the number of each item you wish to purchase by using the + or - buttons. Reducing a number to zero removes the item from the basket. You can, of course, increase an item by using the buy button as many times as required.

    If you close your browser before proceeding through checkout, all information in the basket will be lost. Use the browsers ‘print’ command to keep a record if required.
  5. You can ‘fill’ a basket freely. However to proceed to checkout, you will need to complete a registration process. The advantage to you of proceeding to checkout is that we will have advance knowledge of the order, and can start processing it while awaiting your remittance. Should you not wish to register, however, just print the basket, as above, and post it to us with your remittance.
  6. Checkout can only be reached from the view basket page.

Our contact details are:

You can fax your us at +44 (0)20 8685-0249.
To place an order by telephone, or for further information please call: (0)20 8648-0127
Write to The Wandle Industrial Museum telling us what product you are interested in and we'll reply with a quotation within 7 days. Our address is The Vestry Hill Annexe London Road, Mitcham Surrey CR4 3UD,England