Index of Museum displays

As part of the ongoing project to digitise the museums collections many of the displays in the main gallery of the museum are presented here. For each display area, click on 'text' for the related text only, on 'image' for the enlarged image of the display (c 50-65KB), and on the icon for the framed version combining both. The numerical sequence reflects the linear progression round the Museum.

0. Ménage à Trois in Merton

History of Mills (frame)

Ménage à Trois in Merton.

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1. History of Mills

History of Mills (frame)

A brief history of Mills.

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10. Dyes

Dyes (frame)

Some of the dyes used by the printers along the Wandle.

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2. Surrey Iron Railway

Surrey Iron Railway (frame)

Story of the worlds first public railway.

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11. William Morris and Arthur Liberty

William Morris and Arthur Liberty (frame)

Two of the household names associated with the printing works on the Wandle in Merton.

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3. Industries of the Wandle Valley

Industries of the Wandle Valley (frame)

Some of the Industries of the Wandle Valley.

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12. Herbs

Herbs (frame)

Mitcham was also famous for other herbs it supplied to the cosmetics and apothecary trades.

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4. Bread and flour

Bread and flour (frame)

Bread and flour have always been a staple of civilisation.

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13. Mitcham Lavender

Mitcham Lavender (frame)

Mitcham will always be famous for its lavender fields.

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5. Mills still in use in 20th Century

Mills still in use in 20th Centuryy (frame)

Whitelys at Ravensbury, and Connollys of Wimbledon extended their use of the mills into the 20th Century.

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14. Shop

Shop (frame)

We stock a range of Wandle Industry related publications.

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6. Snuff

Snuff (frame)

The story of snuff.

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15. Wandle Valley relief model

Wandle Valley relief model (frame)

A large relief model of the Wandle valley showing the drop.

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7. Merton Priory and model

Merton Priory and model (frame)

Merton priory was the third most important religious site in England until its dismantling by Henry VIII.

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16. Model of Liberty Site

Model of Liberty Site (frame)

A model of the remaining Liberty buildings as now incorporated into Merton Abbey Mills.

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8. Printing blocks and Mall

Printing blocks and Mall (frame)

Two typical printing blocks, and the heavy mall used to impress the block on the material.

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17. Model of William Morris site

Model of William Morris site (frame)

A unique model of the William Morris site at Merton.

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9. Merton Stained Glass

Merton Stained Glass (frame)

A specially commissioned stained glass panel.

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18. Walk movie

Walk movie (frame)

A movie walk through of the relief map and the Liberty and Morris site models.

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