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As part of the ongoing project to digitise the museums collections many of the displays in the main gallery of the museum are presented here. The following is a complete index of all display areas. The text immediately above the plan view below explains each page in more detail. An image of each display area is used as the link icon to that page

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Ménage à Trois in Merton

 Ménage à Trois in Merton(frame)

Our 2005 temporary exhibition celebrating the bicentenay of Trafalgar, with notes on the brief but important period when Nelson set up home in Merton, in the only home he ever owned and lived in, with Lord and Lady Hamilton, in the words of themselves and their contemporaries.

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Surrey Iron Railway Industries of the Wandle Valley Bread and flour North Movie (c 2.1MB) Mills still in use in 20th Century Snuff Merton Priory and model Printing blocks and Mall East Movie (c 2.2MB) Merton Stained Glass Dyes William Morris and Arthur Liberty South Movie (c 2.9MB) Herbs Lavender Shop History of Mills West Movie (c 1.6MB) Wandle Valley relief model Model of Liberty Site Walk Movie (c 5.7MB) Model of William Morris site