This is the second of our new look newsletters, and I hope it is proving popular. Some of you have been kind enough to agree it is an improvement, although there is work to be done.

There have been some interesting developments since we last wrote. The first is the impact of the new Tramlink. You will see from Newsdesk that we have had our first long(er) distance group visit by Tramlink, with the Lantern Day Centre from Croydon, and we have also welcomed a couple from Bromley, who used Tramlink to get to us.

Also, we are starting to see real signs of the return of the lavender industry to Wandle Valley - see Marguerite's article below.

For those interested in matters electronic, we have at last started to improve our web site, and would appreciate your visits to it at www.wandleindustrialmuseum.freeserve.co.uk and for your comments. Although Nicholas is given the credit as webmaster, the interest is really due to our son Michael. Our only trouble is in slowing him down in his more creative ideas! Sites like ours flourish when linked creatively to other sites, so your suggestions on this would be welcome.

On a more serious note, we were hearing bad news at the time of the last newsletter about our lottery bid. There is some light here, though, as Robert Hobbs at London Borough of Merton has taken up the cudgels on our behalf, and we are due to have a further meeting with HLF, chaired by Robert, before the Annual General Meeting.

Which, conveniently, brings me to that event. The formal notices, and accounts accompany this Newsletter. I do hope you will all come on the 4th September. The Snuff Mill Environmental Centre, kindly made available by Janet Clark, is a most appropriate venue. We will be self catering, and, as we can not apply for a license, the good news is that the food and drink will be free. Well, free-ish. We will be running a raffle, of course, and the collecting boxes will be out! Most important is your presence at the Annual General Meeting, but if you can donate a prize and/or bring your wallet as well, so much the better. I look forward to seeing you then.

Mary Hart

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