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Visits to the Museum:
On Saturday 3rd June we were pleased to welcome 52 visitors on the ‘Magical History Tour' coach trip of museums in the borough, organised by Sarah Gould, Merton's Heritage Officer. This is an annual event, now, planned to coincide with Museums Month, and this is the largest group we have received so far. It was a bit of a squash, but well worth the effort. Thanks to the Volunteers who helped make this a successful event.

We have had two group visits in July. One from Merton Mind, arranged by Museum member Cllr Sheila Knight, and one by the Lantern Day Centre in Croydon, making their third visit to us; this time travelling on the Tramlink to Mitcham station.

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Mitcham Carnival. Saturday 10th June was a lovely sunny day for the carnival, and to add to the carnival atmosphere we had member Reece Bell with his street organ to drum up extra support for our stall. The music from the street organ soon attracted interested crowds towards our stall who were happy to ‘donate a penny for the organ grinder' and then perhaps to buy a book or postcard from the stall. Altogether, we raised over £100, which was our best ever total at the Carnival. Thank you Reece!

We also had a stall at Merton Midsummer fayre on Saturday 24th June at Morden Park, which was not such a sunny day, and no Reece Bell and his street organ to attract the crowds. However about £60 was raised, mainly from the fairground folk from the nearby funfair who bought all our copies of ‘Mitcham Fair'. (Merton in Pictures, book 3, published by Merton Library Service).

Finally, we had an enjoyable but noisy day at Abbeyfest on the Green, on Saturday 1st July, with non-stop music to entertain and deafen us rather too close for comfort! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped at these fund raising events.

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