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  1. Newsdesk:
    Visits to the Museum, Events, Investing in Volunteers and Dates for your diary.

  2. The De Morgan Centre
    The new De Morgan Centre which opened in April 2002 at West Hill Library brings together the extensive collection of the works of William de Morgan and his wife Evelyn.

  3. Textile Bleaching and Printing:
    The following account of pre-chlorine bleaching is based on Rees's Cyclopaedia.

  1. Merton Abbey Mill:
    The Museum of London newsletter report on the excavations.

  2. Glimpse of the past:
    Jessop's report on the possibilities of a canal for the Wandle Valley. [For other GOP's, see Article III]

  3. Electronic News:
    We are beginning to get a trickle of enquiries which are wholly web site originated.

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