Museum Update

Meg Thomas, wearing her curatorial hat, Reports:


After the flood and refurbishment and the re-opening we have a little breathing space.

This doesn't mean we can rest. We are still hoping that Dave Saxeby will able to help us redesign the Merton Priory display. Also next year, incase you haven't heard, is the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Therefore our next project is an exhibition reflecting Nelson's time at Merton.

Along with Sheila Harris, Mary Hart and Auriel Glanville we will continue to monitor and improve our Education services to schools and other interested groups.

To continue my own learning curve I attended a follow up of the ' Say it again say it Differently' workshop I went to in February.

In October I went to a meeting of the Surrey Archaeological Society, who were celebrating their 150th Anniversary. The three lectures were mainly about industries of the 1850's but the Talk on Railways made a passing reference to 'our railway'.

Meg Thomas

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