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Museum Updates

Over the years we have published a number of articles about the Museum's history and objectives in our Newsletters, which we have now pulled together here. We hope this collective page will assist searchers.

[News Letter issue 29] Wandle industrial museum on air:
The Wandle Industrial Museum was invited to take part in a radio slot from 2.40 pm on Saturday 8th January 2000.

[News Letter issue 32] Investing in volunteers:
The Wandle Industrial Museum has signed up to work towards achieving the Investing in Volunteers Award.

[News Letter issue 33] A new publication:
The background to "A historical guide to merton abbey mills" (behind the scenes) by Ray Leyden, Project Co-ordinator 2/2/01.

[News Letter issue 38] Museum Admission Charges:
Why the Independent Museums charge admission, while the national museums are free.

[News Letter issue 40] It's all about volunteers at WIM's 2002 AGM:
A report on our AGM.

[News Letter issue 41] 20th anniversary of the wandle industrial museum:
Living in the Past' by Stephen Ashcroft.

[News Letter issue 42] Museum's 20th birthday update:
A reprint of 1983 articles setting out the original vision for our Museum.

[News Letter issue 46] Derek jack huxtable, Obituary:
An obituary for one of our long serving volunteers, who died recently.

[News Letter issue 47] Kevin Leyden, Obituary:
This comes from Harry Galley, past Chairman, and co-founder of the Museum with Kevin. It explains how much we owed Kevin, both for the initial inspiration, and his support and contributions over the years - most recently co-authorship of the SIR booklet we published last year.

[News Letter issue 48] Museum Update:
Plans for next year.

[News Letter issue 49] Museum Update:
Ravensbury mill dilapidation, Clive Abbott's oil painting of Grove Mill and the Fishermans Cottages from Watermeads. Curators report.