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Historical Publications and Information

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Historical River Wandle 1B2       William and Evelyn De Morgan.
This is a comprehensive historical guide to the lives of the De Morgan's. Contains images, timelines and a list of locations where De Morgan ceramics and paintings can be viewed.


Historical River Wandle 1B4       Historic River Wandle 1: The Mills in Pictures - The Merton Section.
This book covers the mills that populated the river. It explains the industries that the mills covered and includes drawings of the mills.






Historical River Wandle 3B6       Historic River Wandle 3: Ravensbury to Mill Green
This book covers the mills and houses that existed between Ravensbury Park and Mill Green along with other areas of interest.






Ravensbury MillsB7 Ravensbury Mills
This booklet tells the story of Ravensbury Mill from its life as a snuff mill until its last days occupied by Whitleys. This building is the potential future home of the museum.






Merton Abbey MillsB8       Merton Abbey Mills
This book plots the history of the Merton Abbey Mills site from its early days as part of the Priory grounds, its association with Liberty’s of London and its change to an art and craft centre.





Trouble at MillB11     Trouble at Mill
Written by David Luff it gives his personal view of working life at the Liberty Print Works site and its history from 1965 to its closure in 1982. Published by the Merton Historical Society.






William Morris (Pitkin)B14     William Morris (Pitkin)
This book from Pitkin covers the Arts and Crafts history of Morris. It includes Merton Abbey, Morris & Co, the Red House and Kelmscott Press.






William Morris at MertonB15     William Morris at Merton
This book produced by the Museum of London and written by David Saxby covers the history of the Morris works in Merton.






Merton PrioryB16     Merton Priory
This booklet covers the excavation and history of the priory. The fines, food, medicine and burials before Sainsbury’s and the Sava Centre.  Published by the Museum of London and written by David Saxby.




The Influence of Merton PrioryB21     The Influence of Merton Priory
This A5 sized booklet looks at the 900 years history of Merton Priory and how it has affected the world we live in today.





Surrey iron Railway LeafletB22     Surrey Iron Railway Leaflet
This informative leaflet covers the history of the first public railway in the UK. It has detailed text supported by a number of pictures.





The ‘Amery Mills’ of Merton Priory, the Copper Mills and the Board MillsB26 The ‘Amery Mills’ of Merton Priory, the Copper Mills and the Board Mills
This booklet covers the history of the mills that were sited where the Sainsbury’s and M&S complex at Colliers Wood is now. A long and interesting history that goes back many years.





The Patent Steam Washing FactoryB27 The Patent Steam Washing Factory
This booklet tells the story of one of the forgotten factories along the River Wandle. Situated near Phipps Bridge Road it had a short but lively history.





Copper Milling on the WandleB28 Copper Milling on the Wandle
With particular reference to the copper mills of Merton and Mitcham this tells the history of copper milling along the river. Some of the copper goods produced are still being used today.





William Morris and London: A Personal ViewB29 William Morris and London: A Personal View
John Payne gives an interesting personal view of Morris and his life in London in this booklet. This is a must for those who are interested in William Morris.





Mitcham Bridge, The Watermeads and the Wandle MillsB30 Mitcham Bridge, The Watermeads and the Wandle Mills
Just one of the many books written by Eric Montague this one is of particular interest to the work of the museum. It takes a detailed look at the area around Mitcham Bridge which has a long and varied history.





E2 Merton Place Timeline
The home of Lord Nelson. This leaflet shows the timeline of the house he shared with Emma Hamilton in Merton. Plotting its history and sadly its disappearance. The site is now marked by a blue plaque in Merton High Street.





Liberty Print Works LeafletE12     Liberty Print Works Leaflet
Written by Bill Rudd it recalls his memories of the Liberty Print Works where he worked for four years after leaving school in 1939.