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The Wandle Portrayed

“The Wandle Portrayed” is a selection of artistic and literary works depicting the river and what it has meant to those who enjoyed it or worked by it, over the years.

Contributions are from both local people and some well-known names. Some poetic works possibly challenge the definition of “literature” but are still in their way a very personal reflection.

John Ruskin, Alexander Pope, and Sir John Betjeman are a few well-known names who have (briefly) made reference to the river, while local contributions include an extensive and illustrated poem by William Wood Fenning on Ravensbury, and a more modern contribution from Valerie Coleman.

Some items reflect the river in tranquil settings, others see it as an industrial thoroughfare. We have some vibrant paintings by Paul Moore, a recent acquisition by Edward George Handel Lucas, sketches in very differing styles by Peter Harris and John Wallace, and many other paintings distributed around the museum.